Hello! My name is Lamar Alexander Ballinger, and I’m a professional photographer serving the Twin Cities (Minneapolis / Saint-Paul) Minnesota.


A Little About Me..

       Originally from San Diego, California, I moved to Minnesota in 2006 shortly after proudly severing my country in the United States Navy. I’ve always had a passion for photography, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I decided to make it official. I started Alexander Lamar Photography in the Twin Cities and haven’t looked back. Today I am a father to three beautiful girls and when I’m not capturing life through the lens of a camera, you’ll find me spending time with my family or riding my motorcycle with friends.



What Sets My Work Apart?


       As a former member of the Navy, work ethic and attention to detail is ingrained in my very DNA. You can’t find a harder critic of my work than me. Getting it right is simply the only option. I accept nothing short of excellence from my photographs. My former clients have commented on my charismatic attitude and the passion I bring to every shoot, and I guarantee that’s what you can expect when you hire me. I aim to deliver the best, hands down.